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what if the tables were turned? by Larry Torro.

Larry Torro comes from a long line of Scandinavian artists. He began sculpting and drawing at the early age of 4. By the time he was 7, he was selling his work. Torro spent 7 years at Warner Bros. Studios lending his artistic touches to movies and television as a set painter and portrait artist, before embarking on a successful solo career. Mastering many different mediums, Torro has created countless company logos, merchandise for Universal Studios, House of Blues, M.G.M. Studios and 20th Century Fox to name a few. Some of his art is owned by private collectors including Clint Eastwood and Joel Schumacher and he has recently created some of the most popular and controversial art and logos for vegan and animal rights causes around the world.

Larry Torro official website: www.larrytorro.com
Larry Torro on facebook